SobrassadaThis exquisite product is one of the islands' most famous sausages. It is still made all over the islands and nowadays is registered under the Mallorcan Sobrassada geographical denomination.

Sobrassada is made with lean and fatty cuts of pork and its characteristic colour comes from the paprika used in making it, which is mixed with salt, pepper and the ground meat.

Once ready, it is stuffed into natural intestinal casing to be cured and fermented as the initial humidity


Frit Mallorquí

Frit MallorquiFrit Mallorquí is a very popular dish on the island and can be made in many different ways, as its main ingredients can be meat or fish. The following is a variety that features sweetbreads.


1 kg potatoes 
Pork or lamb sweetbreads (lung, liver, blood, etc) 
1 bunch of spring onions 
2 hot peppers 



EnsaimadaNo other product is more typical or famous of the Illes Balears. This sweet, spiral-shaped bun has become the breakfast not only of Mallorcans and visitors; its consumption has spread to bars and bakeries overseas.

Many visitors arrive on these islands with a very special request from their relatives and friends; to take them back one of the rich ensaimadas which